JS Bootcamp

I will teach you how professional teams want you to write Javascript code and make you interview ready, in just 40 days!

Best performers from each batch will earn a referral at Fortune 500 companies

Next batch starting on March 1st
Monday to Friday @ 9-11am

Only 8 seats left


Our Discord Community

Free for everyone, 24 hours place for you to ask questions and get together after classes. You can join our discord community right now and get more information about this bootcamp. I am active on the discord server and will reply to any questions you post there.

Things you'll learn

Advanced JavaScript Practices

Functional Programming

Inheritance + Prototype Chain


JavaScript Engine and Runtime

JavaScript Modules

Stack Overflow

Composition vs Inheritance

Pass By Reference vs Pass by Value


Interpreter/ Compiler/ JIT Compiler


Object Oriented Programming

Scope and Execution Context

Async JavaScript + Event Loop

`this` keyword

Memory Leaks

.call(), .apply(), .bind()

JavaScript best practices

React.js Basics

Most asked questions on React

About me

I'm a seasoned Software Engineer, currently working @ Microsoft. Full-stack developer by profession but a generalist by heart. I have worked on a bunch of programming languages and I pretty much can do everything involved in developing and launching a product from scratch. Some of my products are Habbit App, Cloutbook App etc.

Companies I've worked at


I help you get your dream job


Javascript Course

40 days long course with live classes where I teach you each & every concept that professionals at your dream company expect you to know.


Resume Building

I will help you tailor your resumes to get your first leg inside your dream company. I will share my resume template that has been shortlisted in companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Slack etc.


Mock Interviews

I have given/taken countless interviews throughout my career, I will help you prepare for your interviews and give you personalized feedback tailored towards you as a candidate.


My Pricing Plan

7 days money back guarantee, no questions asked!


$999 one time

Javascript course

40 days long (1-2 hours/day)

Live classes

Learn by doing


$1299 one time

Basic + Resume building

Everything in Basic package

+ Free ATS compliant resume template

+ Personal guidance to tailor your resume


$1499 one time

Advanced + Mock interviews

Everything in Advanced package

+ 1 Mock interview

+ Feedback sessions

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